Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I always thought I'd have a hand in it...

Just a short post today because I broke Magic (it uses Un, but whateva man whateva).

Mirror Gallery + 2 Gleemax + Donate


Edit: A friend informs me that this doesn't actually work because of timestamping, which even gets applied when multiple things come into play at the same time, eg with Warp World. Stupid WOTC and their dumb non-paradoxical game...

He however does suggest another set of cards which are as close as possible to making the rules not work. Imagine this situation:

I have a Panglacial Wurm in my graveyard and at least one in my library. An opponent plays Extirpate on Panglacial Wurm. Can I cast the one in my library, or is it exiled?


He adds: imagine to pay for casting the Wurm I sacrifice a Chromatic Sphere. My library is currently in my hands while I'm looking for the things to exile. What card do I draw?

Second Edit: What if the Panglacial Wurms are the top 4 cards of my library, but I have a Life from the Loam in my graveyard. If I pay for the first Wurm with a Chromatic Sphere and decide to dredge, may I no longer play the other Wurms?