Friday, December 11, 2009

I have a feeling some of you will enjoy this (The Magic Show #169)

If you've never seen the Magic Show, it's Evan Erwin summarizing all the crap that happens about Magic in a week, as well as announcements of future tournaments. I don't always watch it because I'm just that on top of things. Or I just forget to. Whatever. But this week he raises a few complaints about Wizards abandoning States and switching to "Game Days" whatever those are. I went to mine, but I didn't realize it was a Wizards event at first; I thought it was just my local store having a special Saturday tournament. El-oh-el. But they DID have special promos for the event, so I guess it had to be a Wizards thing.

Also, look at this playmat that the States Top 8 got. My friend Brian got one for making Top 8, and he and everyone else agrees... it's kind of fugly. Apologies to everyone who designed it and manufactured it. I imagine it's largely because Wizards has all the rights to their own images and cards. Although it would have been awesomer with just a simple abstract design and no card images. I guess it has a certain old school charm the way it is.

Also watch till the very end where Cedric Phillips, StarCityGames writer and ambassador of White Weenie decks, relates a hilarious "Jedi Mind" trick story. Although it wasn't so much a mind trick as WILDLY DISTRACTING your opponent. :P