Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An Introduction to Mulldrifting

I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. I've just been dying to spew forth my thoughts on Magic: the Gathering but kept going about it in the wrong way. Writing articles is restrictive because articles have to be formulated, long, and have a "point." On top of that, it's pretty bad form to make them too personal. I thought of making a news blog site for MTG, but that flopped as well. There isn't a lot of news in the MTG world that isn't being distributed in better, more official ways. I've been using Facebook/Twitter as a means of discussion, but there's only so much that can fit in 140 characters. It's good for rumormongering, though.

With a personal blog, I can relax and write whatever the hell I want about MTG! Unfortunately that also means I'm going to end up rambling a lot, and a lot of it may end up as inaccurate rambling. But I will keep score for myself and do my own fact-checking, as best as I can.

I've named the blog Mulldrifting. 1) Because Mulldrifter is one of my favorite cards ever. (My inner Spike is showing.) It's blue, versatile, flies, draws cards, and the art is pretty. Not to mention its interaction is killer with Reveillark. 2) Mulldrifting, I imagine, is what I am doing here. Pondering things over in a floaty way.

I will mostly be talking about Standard, Limited, and new sets. Of course, I will talk about my tournament experiences as well. I like Standard a lot because of how quickly the metagame changes and how small the cardpool is, making speculation easier. It's still a hard puzzle to solve because Magic, even with a very limited card pool, has infinite variation. But solving that puzzle isn't as impossible as it is, with, say, the Legacy format. What's more convenient is that I actually OWN Standard cards since I started playing recently. Maybe I will make a jump into Extended sometime in the future, when I have money.