Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The New Wave

I can't say I'm really in the loop of things. But I have to thank Brian David-Marshall for letting me take a peek at what it must be like to "be in on it." He invited me onto a Google Wave along with Evan Erwin, Trick Jarrett, Brian Kibler, and about 40 other players to discuss States and decklists. It was the best Google Wave experience I have yet to have, as that thing has been pretty useless so far.

People were chatting real-time left and right, discussing a variety of topics. I think BDM put it best when he likened it to a Magic cocktail party. But a party where you can put decklists up for display and edit others' posts. Mr. Jarrett was going nuts editing everyone's posts for capitalization (he's an editor; it's his job).

One of the best features I discovered was the MTGGathererBot. You invite this bot into a Wave, and it goes through all the posts and finds card names like Soul Warden or even Sorry, which is an Un-card, and sticks links to Gatherer for all the cards. It's Like Magic! (Pun intended.)

It was apparently an app written by a Phillip Yam from NYC. Thank you, Phillip!

It would make me very happy if I could get ALL my Magic friends onto the Wave to discuss tech and decklists... it might even be cool to have entire forums start using the Wave. It's a lot of fun when everyone is on together, and discussion continues to flow. Once it dies, the dynamism kind of goes away, and it goes stagnant. But the convenient thing is that the conversation can continue at any time later.

By the way, if you need a Wave invite I still have a dozen left. Just send me your email.

I <3 Technology. Although we have a little too much of it now. Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Gwave, texting, phone calls... seriously we need to eliminate some of these entirely. They're all kind of merging, but it's still... too... much.