Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Partial Spoilers (Jace + Bazaar Trader)

I'm beginning to find partial spoilers annoying. Mostly because I can't judge a card without looking at the whole thing. When all I have are these puzzle pieces, my mind goes sort of blank. What am I supposed to do with this?

It was kind of exciting when they did it for Zendikar. And they're doing it again, but somehow it's just less exciting now. I think the longer the wait is, the more sour the buildup becomes.

They should've left more to the imagination, too. Jace is doing his strip tease, but it's basically all out there already.

In other words, I can't ignore all the updates, but I kind of just want Jace to stay behind the curtains and wait for the actual wedding. It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony.


I just want the whole thing already! Jace, stop being such a cocktease and put out!

Same with you, you fucking Goblin! You sexy, sexy Goblin you. :0