Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Powerful Card Search Engine

I just discovered this, so I have to post it.


It's a card search engine where you can refine your queries in the actual text box! Gatherer has got nothing on this!

Queries that work:

is:vanilla (Returns only Vanilla Creatures)
is:promo (Returns promos)
mana>=1GG mana<=8GG (Returns cards with mana cost between 1GG and 8GG)
t:"Legendary Angel" (Specifies the type line you want returned)
r:Mythic (returns Mythic rares)
c:c (returns colorless artifacts and some lands(?))
c:w c:u c:b c:r c:g (returns cards that are all 5 colors)
!Anger (returns just the card Anger, not cards with anger in the name)
++"Birds of Paradise" (returns all versions of a card)
mana=RG (returns cards that cost exactly RG, including split cards)
o:"Tap target" (returns cards with "Tap target" in the textbox)
f:Standard (returns cards from that format)

It's kind of still buggy, but it's in Beta. Try "View as Scans Only" to get just the pictures! I like that view the best. To find other working queries, here's a list of Syntax. Explanation Thread