Thursday, December 10, 2009

States 2009 Discussion and Decklist Innovations

Compare these two metagames.

2008 vs 2009

It's official. Jund is more of an Overlord than Faeries.


Okay, don't read anything into that. Seriously. You'll probably come to the wrong conclusions. I was just pointing out a funny statistic that Evan Erwin posted on his Twitter page. There are very good reasons why Jund is so popular. I don't even think it warrants discussion.

Although I can't help noting this:

% of Field

I was hoping the metagame at States would be more interesting and varied. In New York, it definitely... wasn't. I saw a MBC (Mono-black Control) list, a Progenitus-Polymorph list, and there may have been a handful of others. But mostly all I saw was the same old lists everyone else was running. Or exact copies of World decks. I guess the cardpool right now is so small that there is little room for GOOD innovation. Even though there are so many decks that run off crazy combos and synergies right now. They may not be excellent, but they are, surprisingly, "contenders" and have a definite impact on other people's chances. There was a Warp World deck that went 5-2 and made 14th place. It seems to run over TurboFog because they can't fog life loss from Ob Nixilis. And Warp World tends to take people by surprise.

I'm going to note some other interesting lists from States.

7th place Goblins Eldrazi from Missouri
6th place Emeria Enchantress from Connecticut
6th place Magical Christmas Land from Montana
5th place RW Valakut Control from Hawaii
7th place UG Eldrazi from Michigan
4th place Crypt Combo/Dredge from Minnesota
3rd place Rg Valakut from Texas (with a surprise alternate sideboard plan)
4rd place Grixis Control from Virginia
4th place Spread Em with Sigil from West Virginia
5th place Time Sieve Turbofog from South Dakota

None of these lists made 1st. Unfortunately. But at some point or another they probably lost to Jund. Or, decks that somehow had a plan against them despite never having seen them before, as will happen. Some of these lists look terrible; it's probable that the meta in some states were less competitive compared to others. But I don't know the figures. So I'm posting up anything that's different. Or, heard of before, but the only one of their kind to place, as was the case for Magical Xmas Land and Dredge.

If you're going to look at something, though. I suggest looking at the Esper deck with Open the Vaults. That deck is bundles of fun.