Saturday, December 19, 2009

Taking Lee up on her offer

And now, to poison an otherwise good blog...

Hey everybody, I'm a friend of Lee's living in Southern California, and I read her blog a lot cause it's awesome and you all should too and obviously you do or you wouldn't be reading this. Anyways, she said that she was willing to let other people post on it, and since I don't have near enough things to write twice a day like she seems to do, I decided I'd offer to post like once a week-ish.

But what shall I write, I hear you wonder aloud? Well, Lee is great and better at Magic than me and all that, but she's totally Spike-y. That being so, I assume most others who read her blog are also of the pointy tournamentey persuasion. I intend to every once in a while give you soulless killing machines a view of life on the Johnny side of the fence.

I am and have been - since first seriously playing Magic (at the same time as Lee, around Morningtide) - a Johnny, and more specifically. If you're unfamiliar with the archaetypes (which is unlikely), you can find great descriptions of them in Mark Rosewater's article "Timmy, Johnny, and Spike revisited". According to that article, I am more specifically what is referred to as an "Uber-Johnny". This means that I like to break cards that other people look at as fairly useless.

So, every once in a while I'm gonna post something on here in the vein of "Johnny's Corner", in which I talk about things of that nature. I'll stick to Standard for the most part (which is difficult, because most times breaking a card means going outside Standard).

Ok! Continue as you were!

[You could talk about EDH, too. Since you actually build EDH decks and play a lot more of that kind of thing than I do. Other potential topics that I'm never going to cover: Flavor, Kitchen Table, "weird" formats like Emperor or Star, and your crazy views on Magic in general.

Anyhow, welcome to the blog, Dhaas. Don't mind me while I make minor edits here and there. :) -Lee]

[[I can talk about EDH a bit. I don't know exactly why I would know about flavor, or about kitchen table, and I've only played Emperor one time when everyone resigned once I got a 4000/4000 Mycoloth. And MY VIEWS ON MAGIC AREN'T OUT OF ORDER, THIS WHOLE COURT IS OUT OF ORDER! -DHaas]]