Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thanks for the all the Fish -- I like Fish

You may have noticed that I update very frequently. I think this is the 33rd post, and I started this blog on December 1st, meaning I update almost 2 times per day on average.

The reason is firstly, I have a lot of time on my hands... I don't have a job, which is somewhat odd. I guess it's not totally odd. I don't know what to do with myself. It's only odd because anyone else with my background and my education (cough) would probably have a job by now. Or be in grad school. But I decided not to do that. I'm sure something will turn up eventually. When it does, I expect this blog will stop being updated quite so frequently. Hah.

The second reason is I love to write. So whenever I'm not reading or doing something else, I'm writing. I find the blog medium to be especially conducive to writing a lot. For some reason I have lost the ability to write lots and lots on regular pieces of paper, even though I sometimes prefer writing things on paper. (But my handwriting is so darn messy! And I type so much faster!)

The third reason is that people actually read the blog, which is kind of a pleasant surprise. So thank you! My closer friends even IM me with comments and things. I feel very encouraged by this. As always, every little bit helps. And I appreciate comments of any kind, even negative ones. So thanks for all the Fish. I... like Fish. They're tasty.

Meanwhile I will continue to work on improving the content and quality of the blog itself. I know it's not super-comprehensive, but I am but one person. And I feel like I'm writing enough for 10. Ok, maybe 5.

I can only write about what I know. So that means: Standard, Limited, Spoiler Updates, Card Evaluations, Decklists, NYC Events, maybe a GP/PTQ or two, the Latest MTG Technology, and random topics of my choosing. (They might start to get really random, too. I want to get more creative with my posts.)

I tend not to write about: Extended, Eternal Formats, EDH, Casual, MTGO (I do draft online occasionally), Trading/Prices, Flavor, Design, or any of those other good things. These things I can definitely leave to someone else. Someone more knowledgeable than I.

I actually wouldn't mind letting someone use me or this blog as a platform for improving his or her writing and get it published somewhere. If someone wanted to write an article or something, I would be willing to read it, edit it, and review it -- clean it up and make it good, if you will, and give it back. Or post it here with a byline. Whatever. Just an idea. I threw it out there. Most people are too lazy/busy to edit their work. I am providing an out. Er, no, and I'm not charging. Just email me.

And I promise I edit things properly -- more than any of these random blog posts. My posts are supposed to be a tad more spontaneous than real articles, that's why I am doing THIS instead of getting "real" articles published somewhere else. :P