Friday, December 4, 2009


Spoiler season is what I live for, man. I've been desperately wanting spoilers to start. What we have got so far ain't that juicy yet, sadly. But I have to relay the news. (Source)

Remember THIS CARD???

I don't! But they're reprinting it! Sweet! I'm going to assume Doom_Blade_Guy will have something to say about this.

Multi-kick. What's that? It's like Replicate. You can kick it over and over as long as you can pay.

A 6/6 Angel that's a "Landfall Oblivion Ring" -- similar to Roil Elemental. Once it leaves play, all the permanents come back. But with blinking shenanigans it could get interesting... Johnnies out there salivate. Sounds like it could be decent in EDH.

Jace, Mind-Sculptor -- the new Jace! A focused milling planeswalker that exiles an opponent's library as an ultimate. Sounds saucy... but my guess is that it's going to cast 5-6 mana and thus be unusuable. :P (Just assuming there is a trend.) In other words, our old Jace Beleren will probably STILL be the go-to planeswalker for mill decks. But we'll see. Also sounds like it could be decent in multiplayer formats (100 card library? Exiled!).

More spoiler goodness coming up when there is more definite information.