Monday, January 18, 2010

A 5-color Cheatyface

I've realized recently that the most common thing I do when searching for cards to play in decks that I make is click Sort Order > CMC, then go to the top of that list. That's because the most fun decks I make are ones which somehow get to play big things for less. I had the Impromptu Raid/Cream of the Crop combo deck, I have the Jhoira of the Ghitu EDH, I have the Chandra Ablaze/Cruel Ultimatum Deck, etc. Some would say this makes me a Timmy, but I would say that I'm just maximizing the use of a card by putting the highest cost spell onto it.

Along this theme, I just found today the card Fist of Suns, and so I decided to do what I could with it in an Extended deck

This was actually one of the easier decks I've made. Fist of Suns is one of the cheaper combo pieces I've run, so I decided to just go the route of Cascading into it with Bloodbraid Elf and Captured Sunlight. Sure, I have no plays for the first two turns, but whatever man.

The rest of the Sun cycle also jumped out at me, so I put those in at first. I ended up just keeping Channel the Suns, as that lets me throw anything out potentially on turn 4 (turn 3 with a Gemstone Caverns). I originally threw in a Shard Convergence, but I had enough lands in the deck that I ended up not using it.

Then, I threw in the predictable for the top end. For a new game each time I decided to not run 4-ofs and instead let them all come out. The Myojins were great (I get to play them from my hand for cheap for once!), the requisite Progenitus and Darksteel Colossus made an appearance, and a couple of the Bringers (I had more, but I ended up tossing them). Along with another couple of spells, I was good.

Here's a decklist (it's rough, I've only playtested a little)

Little Things: 17
Fist of Suns x 4
Captured Sunlight x 4
Bloodbraid Elf x 2
Moriok Scavenger x 1
Channel the Suns x 4
Deny Reality x 2

Bigger Things: 17
Maelstrom Nexus x 1
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker x 1
Legacy Weapon x 1
Bringer of the Black Dawn x 1
Bringer of the Blue Dawn x 1
Myojin of Night's Reach x 1
Myojin of Cleansing Fire x 2
Myojin of Life's Web x 1
Myojin of Infinite Rage x 1
Myojin of Seeing Winds x 2
Progenitus x 2
Darksteel Colossus x 1
Time Stretch x 2

Lands: 26
Reflecting Pool x 4
Vivid Grove x 3
Vivid Crag x 1
Vivid Meadow x 1
Vivid Creek x 1
Vivid Marsh x 1
Rupture Spire x 3
Gemstone Caverns x 1
Mirrodin's Core x 1
Stomping Ground x 2
Temple Garden x 2
Overgrown Tomb x 1
Breeding Pool x 1
Tendo Ice Bridge x 4

Chalice of the Void x 3
Volcanic Fallout x 3
Ravenous Trap x 4
Moriok Scavenger x 2
Woodfall Primus x 3

Cards that I cut:
Iname as One
Akroma's Memorial
The other 3 Bringers
Sarkhan Vol
Madrush Cyclops
Mirror Gallery (With Iname as One x4? Hilarity!)
Shard Convergence (I would throw this in if my mana base were not like $500, i.e. if I built it anywhere not on MWS)
All Suns' Dawn

I've playtested it a little bit, and it's pretty fun. I haven't had an anti-zoo matchup, against which I imagine I would do terribly, and any decent control deck will just stop me playing the single card that is the lynchpin of the deck. But as a casual deck to fool around with it's very rewarding.

Final Aside: Does anybody know what happens when Rite of Replication is cast on an animated man-land? Cause I sure don't.