Monday, January 4, 2010

Dating a Magic Player Redux

Check out this XMTG comic from ManaNation.

Hilarious because it's true. What's weird is that my situation is the opposite. My boyfriend has to deal with MY crazy Magic cards all over the place and MY crazy tournament schedule on weekends.

Hit the jump for the female version of the list.


1. No, it's not a game where you shoot people.
2. Random men are going to text me at strange hours. About Magic. I'm not cheating on you.
3. I can't make you a sandwich right now. I'm playing Magic.
4. I don't need you to protect me. Most Magic players are harmless. If they're not harmless, there will always be someone else there bigger and scarier than they are.
5. There will be time for sex. But not during my draft. That would be awkward.

<3 my boyfriend

He doesn't play Magic, but he understands that I have a deep passion for the game. And I try to keep the Magic card mess to a minimum. He doesn't mind if I leave him alone to go a tournament all day. In compensation, he can make fun of me for my hobby. :P