Saturday, January 9, 2010

Event Information

For information on GP Oakland, hit up this link. It doesn't seem to have all the info up quite yet; they're kind of slow.

Just noticed: GP BALTIMORE HAS DISAPPEARED FROM THE LIST OF GPS. I believe it has been replaced with GP Washington D.C.

Another random update I'm not going to put in a new post: DCI RATINGS HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATED SINCE DECEMBER 14. Check this link for details.

For information on all the events going on in New York, hit up this link. It's my Google Calendar with NY events on it. I hope it's up to date. It's got a lot of stuff going on. If I'm missing events please let me know where I can find DETAILED information on them. I generally just check MTGSalvation for info.

Also, a NEW STORE has opened in New York called New York Games, formerly known as Bobby's Gaming. There will be a draft this Sunday; check the calendar for details. They haven't provided me with an exact address, weirdly enough. But hopefully I'll be able to find it. Maybe I'll bring a camera and take pictures.

Prerelease events will be held at Montasy Comics in Queens, The Change You Want to See in Brooklyn. And in Manhattan, presumably Fight House will host a Prerelease as well as JHU. But the information hasn't come out yet.

I'm thinking of setting up some sort of New York MTG list to get this information out in a more efficient manner. Unfortunately, many gamers I seem to know prefer using text messages and phone calls as a way of communicating... perhaps a forum of some sort. The NYC/NJ Meetup Group, as great as that source is for finding Magic players, does seem to attract only a small portion of Magic players. How do I get all of them to converge onto one place?