Sunday, January 31, 2010

How was/is everyone's Prerelease?

Mine was very fun! I can't give away too many details. I will probably be doing a more detailed report for my next ManaNation article.

I can tell you however that I did two drafts -- the first one was delayed by an hour or so because of massive over-crowding. In both, I went 2-1 after getting to the finals. They both followed the same pattern. In each of the first two rounds, I went 2-0, and then in the last rounds I lost 0-2. I kept stumbling on mana in the finals, but that didn't account for the losses that much. My decks were definitely "2-1" decks both times. They could've gone 3-0, certainly, but I'm not totally surprised they didn't.

Worldwake is a lot of fun in Limited, though. Much more exciting than Zendikar. If we could keep doing ZWW I would actually not mind. There are many powerful uncommons in Worldwake, and they're very, very fun to play with.

Powerful Uncommons in Zendikar:
Vampire Nighthawk
Trusty Machete
Marsh Casualties
Mind Sludge
Shepherd of the Lost
Living Tsunami
Kazandu Blademaster
River Boa
Spot removal

Powerful Uncommons in Worldwake: (I note which ones I personally faced/used today)
Bestial Menace <-- played against
Bloodhusk Ritualist
Cunning Sparkmage* <-- played against
Refraction Trap* <-- played with
Hada Freeblade
Leatherback Baloth <-- played against
Lightkeeper of Emeria <-- played with
Tideforce Elemental* <-- had but never drew :(
Vapor Snare
Spot removal

Whereas black uncommons clearly dominate in Zendikar, Worldwake seems to balance it out among the colors a bit more. I can see each of these cards winning games by themselves. Except Hada Freeblade, which does need support. But if you're running him, presumably you have support already.

Also notice that none of the uncommons I mentioned other than Spot Removal in Zendikar really interact at instant speed. But the ones *starred* in the Worldwake list do. And are all nuts. Arguably Urge to Feed and Nemesis Trap can also belong in that category. But Nemesis Trap requires lots of mana. And Urge to Feed is somewhat situation-dependent. It's a strong removal spell, but to use it as more than just removal, it requires a certain set up. So most of the time it's just going to be in the "Spot Removal" category. Occasionally it will be in the "total blowout" category.

There are a number of commons in Worldwake that "feel" like they should be uncommon also. I think they pushed the power of commons a little bit, knowing that the official format would be ZZW. Meaning Worldwake commons would be relatively infrequent compared to Zendikar commons and uncommons.

I can only imagine the craziness that could be WWW draft...