Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If you need a quick Worldwake Fix

I can help. Here are some new product images on the bottom of the page (some of you may have seen these already) with new art. Including what looks like some new Vampires, a Demon, and an... Elephant? I am clearly no expert on Magic creature types. Haha.

By the way if you are wondering why spoilers are so sparse, Wizards has tightened up security for Worldwake, it appears. It happens sometimes. We gotta be patient! This Friday, though, I believe there will be new cards released in the following locations:

The Magic Show with Evan Erwin
Gathering Magic

If I'm wrong or missing any... well, oops. Wizards has been spreading out its spoiler cards to various blogs and websites. I'm not sure what the whole list is at the moment. If you're lazy and just want just one place to check, it would be

MTGSalvations' Rumor Mill

The price you pay for using the Rumor Mill is the occasional fake or inaccurate spoiler. Sometimes the occasional image of cocks. :D But I use it at my own risk.

And of course, I'll be updating my own spoiler page realtime. Just because I like the way it looks <_< When the spoilers start to explode, I will start organizing by color on separate pages. Use the search box at the top of the page if you're looking for a specific card name.