Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm breaching DHaas territory -- Worldwake Instant Kill Infinite Mana

Well, there's one really ludicrous combo in Zendikar/Worldwake. I'm sure some of you have figured it out. (Note: it doesn't GENERATE infinite mana, but utilizes an infinite amount of it.)

Here's a hint.

Land Matters.

Not enough?

It spans 4 colors.

It requires 1 Mythic rare.

Two uncommons. One common.

Cosi's Ravager

Here's the rest of it:


Lotus Cobra

Let's suppose for some reason all these cards are on the battlefield and active. (Cough.)

Tap a Plains to activate Ruin Ghost to blink out the Plains. When the Plains comes in, Tideforce Elemental untaps, and Lotus Cobra floats a blue. Use the blue to use Tideforce Elemental and untap Ruin Ghost. Tap the newly entered Plains, which is untapped now, to tap Ruin Ghost. Keep doing this for infinite Landfall. 

And of course Cosi's Ravager is there to kill the opponent. 

I SUPPOSE you could use some other Landfall guy to do a similar thing, but I prefer the insta-kill myself. :P 

If anyone pulls this off in Limited ever they deserve a medal.