Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Improvements to the Blog

As I continue to work on improving the layout and format of the blog, please bear with me as it goes through many changes. If it completely disconcerts you, I am sorry. Does it make your head spin with all the new images and buttons?

I promise in the end, what will come out is for the best. Besides, isn't it kind of fun? Work for hours on a Photoshopped banner one day, and the next, scrap it for something else entirely? This is how improvement happens. If you approach Magic with the same attitude, you will surely accomplish great things. Building decks and testing them is the same! You may work weeks on a cool idea you want to make happen, and in the meantime, you will slash and cut cards ruthlessly to get the perfect build. In the end, if the idea doesn't pan out, you will drop the deck entirely. Like that carton of milk you bought a month ago but never touched. :( I hate when my food spoils, but what can you do? You can't eat it. Just move on to the next tasty thing.

Building a blog is similar. By the way, if the dropdown menu at the top isn't functioning for you, PLEASE let me know. If anything else on the site seems broken, please contact me!!! (See the shiny Contact button on the menu there?)

Click the "Contact" button at the top to send me any questions or comments you have. For a fun exercise, if you want, I will answer any question you pose on my blog! It can be Magic-related but doesn't have to be. (Maybe you want to know how I implemented the drop down menu to improve your own Blogger site?) I will not be offended by any question. Just ask away. And I'll do a "mailbag" type article. All in good fun.

I'm thinking of learning how to create custom tokens to give out as "prizes" for my readers. What do you think? It might take a while to learn how. Does anyone already know an easy way? Let me know. :) You'll be the first to get a batch of tokens.