Friday, January 1, 2010

One Month, One Year, One Decade

Mulldrifting has only been online for a month and has already done so much! Thanks to all of you for making this blog an enjoyable project for me.

Some notable achievements:

60 posts in the month of December -- that's an average of exactly 2 posts per day! I really like how that divides so evenly...

My first interview with the awesome Dan Rein -- brought a lot of new visitors to the site, I might add. Hope you enjoyed that read as much as I did. It's generated the most pageviews this week.

The coolest dude ever, DHaas, got his own column here on the blog! Which has generated really crazy discussions and certainly added some much-needed Johnny color to Mulldrifting.

Looking forward:

ManaNation has invited me to do a weekly column for them! So look forward to even better content from me on their fabulous site.

Will I give in and start playing Extended? Who knows?! Stay tuned.

Draft reports from Modo. Be prepared for a lot of initial fumbling and mistake making.

Hitting up GP Oakland and PT San Diego -- I hope! Depends on things on my end. But I certainly don't want to miss out on these events.

Happy New Years, everyone... I hope 2010 is an awesome one for all of you. And for me, especially. :D