Saturday, January 23, 2010

Past the Halfway Mark

So far 83 cards have been more or less fully spoiled, including name and card text. As always, they're all here. (Note: many of the ones not on that page are listed in the subpages on the lefthand side, divided by color.) But to do you guys a favor I'm going to list out some of the ones you may be interested in seeing and talking about in this post...

This block just has SO MANY crazy one-drops. Wizards is really pushing aggro; so much so that this guy has simply become par for the course.

It starts as a 1/2 but can quickly grow with multiples or with Kazandu Blademaster. I'm going to love this guy in Limited. Of course, he had to be uncommon, so it won't be that easy to get multiples.

Neat. It's another Harm's Way type card. Slight difference in that Refraction Trap itself is doing the damage, so things like Deathtouch won't transfer.

It costs kind of a lot most of the time? But it's still decent removal in Limited. Against red-based burn it has blow-out potential. Especially against sweepers like Pyroclasm. You can prevent 1 damage to each of your three 2/2s and deal 3 to their face, saving all of your 2/2s.

It says 'Permanents' so you can save your Planeswalkers if they're being attacked. I guess.

I'm not sure if I like this card at all. It just seems really pricey. It costs a lot to play; it costs a lot to kick, et cetera. It's just a pricy Glorious Anthem with a costly bonus. I suppose if it's bringing back Cloudgoat Rangers that is something.

Sadly it's no Reveillark :( I love that card.

This card is very silly, so it is kind of fun to think about. You can use it with Mirror of Fate perhaps. But I think it's funnier just to remove all your nonland cards for whatever reason and draw nothing but lands for the entire game. :P

I'm sure someone else will find some kind of a use for it.

Actually potentially broken in some older formats. But in Standard it's just a good draw spell. I am going to test with this as soon as possible to see how it plays out. I am looking very much forward to going Treasure Hunting. And I know a lot of blue-lovers will, too.

It's kind of what cards like Fathom Trawl should have been.

Works a bit nicer with lands that provide extra utility... we'll see what there is, yet.

Cool beans! Certainly not that powerful, but it has a lot of versatility. Not overcosted and pointless if your opponent doesn't have cards in hand and quite good if your opponent does have any cards left. I kind of like how it acts at 5 mana.

I wish it were a little more aggressive, though. A 2/2 is kind of weaksauce.

I like the name. It reminds me of meat.

Anyway! It's a little too costly to be very good, although the ability is quite exciting. Reminiscent of something like Malfegor. Or maybe Grave Pact. But yeah, definitely too much mana for this. Nice and bomby in Limited...

I'm not 100% sure if this is a common or not. I guess Lash Out was a common. So this probably is. I like this card a lot, and I think it's better than Lash Out. You have a lot more control over the damage. Although I think it will be used on your own turn a bit more often than not. But you can still wait for Combat to play it like a Trick after playing a land first main phase.

Another nice burny spell for Limited... geez, so many burn spells in Zendikar block. Red has so much removal.

This card is very cool. It accels, sure. But it can be used in a number of other ways. Might even be used in some combo deck.

Something about untapping permanents always sounds quite powerful... you can figure it out, though. I'm no good with combos.

For Standard I wish it could untap Oran-Riefs but alas.

I mainly like it for the name. It is so easy to make fun of or make jokes out of it. Also it's a muthafuckin' elephant.

And it makes baby Elephants. Seems good to ramp into or cheat out early in some way. Having 18-power of Elephants is nothing to titter at. And you can't Wrath if 3 of your lands are suddenly gone? :P

[EDIT: Apparently I misread the card. The controller of the destroyed permanents get the tokens. Bawww. This card is much worse than I thought.]

Ah it has two of the keywords from Vampire Nighthawk. Too bad lifelink doesn't stack anymore. It's pretty amazing in Limited, and I guess that is why it's a rare. I'll stick this onto my Plated Geopede, thanks...

I wish they'd gone one step further and added "gets +1/+0". I want my creatures to be a little more buffed up with my equipment.

I'll gladly first pick this little demon artifact anyway. It's going to be annoying as fuck in anyone else's hands.

Yup, it is a land that destroys other (nonbasic) lands. This will likely see play in a lot of places... I mean it kind of hoses Valakut, Crypt, Emeria land, et cetera (kind of and kind of not). Kills manlands pretty handily.

No doubt will annoy control decks. Will annoy Jund. All kinds of shenanigans.

So what do you think of Worldwake so far? Awesome? Great? Okay? Bad? Terrible?

We still have half a set to see, though. So hold your ponies.