Sunday, January 3, 2010

Presumably People Care about this stuff

Latest Rewards cards. (Source)

UPDATE: Thanks to Michael Newman for the nicer images ;)

For an explanation of Rewards cards and how to get them, click READ MORE.

So you clicked Read More, eh? Does this mean you haven't signed up for the Rewards Program yet? You should. It's easy, and it's free.

Or maybe you clicked because you were just curious as to what was behind this curtain. BOO!


here's a link to the Wizards Rewards Program thingy with an explanation and everything.

I'll explain quickly here:

when you sign up for the Rewards Program, Wizards starts sending you FREE textless cards for every X DCI tournaments you attend. Make sure you put in your correct address!

Every 5 tournaments, you get 1 random new textless spell and 1 random older card.
For every 20 tournaments, you get a premium foil card.

They ship out three times a year, and they keep track of what they owe you. So three times a year, you get mailed a bunch of random cards. It's like having three extra birthdays.

Or something.

Even if you don't attend that many tournaments, you should still sign up because eventually you'll get some cool cards in the mail. And generally the cards are pretty decent cards -- removal spells and whatnot. Useful things. And they're worth more.

The Premium foil Lightning Bolt I got is worth way more than a regular Lightning Bolt. Or even a regular foil Lightning Bolt.