Saturday, January 9, 2010

SCG 5K in Dallas today -- Eric Palmerduca wins with Vampires!!!

Live coverage here. The stream is being spotty. :/ You can also try the StarCityGames coverage page. Twitter tag #SCGDFW

More updates forthcoming.


Nobody saw that coming. Especially not me! But watching the match, I noticed Jund made some bad plays. Whatever. Maybe Vampires will be taken a little more seriously now. ;) 

LATEST UPDATE: Here's the Metagame Breakdown

3:36 EST: Kyle Sanchez is playing Boros; not following his own advice, I see. His articles have been recommending a Hedron Crab deck with Ranger of Eos and a Junk deck with Gigantiform.

10:04: Kind of a boring 5K in my humble opinion. But we do have a Crabs deck and a Valakut deck doing relatively well. Sanchez made top 16. He seems to be the only kind of high-profile player at the event. Kibler was in the chat for a while, which was moderately amusing.

I'm more curious as to what the actual metagame looks like over there. According to Bill Stark, the number of Jund decks have halved since the last 5K. Which surprises me a lot. Is it to make way for RWU or for some other reason? We'll see.

10:35: Grixis vs Valakut in Quarterfinals. Grixis player, Anthony LaFlamrne (?) vs Valakut player, Justin Corbett. Anthony didn't seem like he knew how to beat the Valakut deck, which was kind of funny watching him let Justin resolve spells he shouldn't have. And then tapping out for Cruel Ultimatum when Justin had nearly 2 Valakuts. He Harrowed for 12 damage when Anthony was at 11. In the second game, Justin dealt 18 with 3 Valakuts in play. Wow.

These Top 8s are pretty uninspiring. :P