Saturday, January 2, 2010

SCG 5K in LA today

How exciting! Another SCG 5K.

Be sure to tune into GGSlive to watch the live coverage. They're not set up at this point; it might take another hour. But they'll be up soon enough.

I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Incoming Updates as more unfolds... :)

6PM EST: LSV is 4-0 with RWU control. His mainboard is fairly standard although it's pre-sided against Jund with 4 Flashfreeze and 4 Spreading Seas. His sideboard contains: 1 O-ring, 1 Cancel, 2 Mind Control, 4 Baneslayer Angel, 3 Luminarch Ascension, and the rest I forget.

So far two of the matches featured have had Grixis Control decks.

Brian Kibler is 3-1 but not sure what he's playing.

6:21 EST: KIBLER IS PLAYING LIVE! He's wielding RWU also! :D He beat Mono-red twice apparently. Poor matchup for him.

6:35 EST: Kibler just set off the ultimate of Ajani, destroying all of his Jund opponent's lands. :P I've seen this happen surprisingly often in RWU.

6:48 EST: Kibler went 2-0. Jar Jar Sphinx + 2 Wall of Denials versus Jund's board? I think Sphinx wins this one.

Kibler has maindeck Vedalken Outlander instead of maindeck Spreading Seas. I think both Kibler and LSV leave Day of Judgment in their sideboard. This format is nuts.

For the rest of it, click the jump.

7:32 EST: Next match -- Nathan Childress vs Eric Hopkins. Mono red vs Eldrazi Elves.

7:40 EST: Red player Childress swung into Garruk with Hells Thunder. Hopkins at 12 life. Seems kind of tough for red to get through here.

8PM: Monogreen wins versus red. 2-0. Eric Hopkins is 6-0.

9PM: Jeff Huang is 1st at 7-0 with RWU -- apparently another member of Team Channelfireball.

I have a feeling RWU is going to get a HUGE boost because of this 5K. Which is amazing.

Quote from December 22 on my Blogpost, Brief Predictions on the T2 Metagame:

"Although there could be a potential upset of RWU Control decks depending on how good people are at convincing their teammates to pilot RWU. Pros always sort of WANT to play the traditional-looking Control deck because Control gives them... well, Control. And if they simply pilot it well and have the right build, it has a good chance of getting them out of the sea of Jund into Top 8. I think most will ultimately bring Jund, but just talking about RWU as a good possibility may turn enough heads."

BAM. I am so good. :P

10PM: Eric Cabanero (4c Control) vs Alex Tamblyn (Jund). Second game. Tamblyn won the first one.

10:05: Jund loses the second game. Double Sphinx. But Jund was stuck on 3 land for the longest time. Both players mulled to begin.

10:08: Control player stuck on 2 lands... looks like this game 3 won't be very exciting ;(

10:16: Baneslayer could've gotten Cabanero out of that situation... maybe. Since Tamblyn didn't have removal for it. But Garruk threatening Overrun was enough to not care about the lifegain. Control player much too behind in that game.

Keeping a 2-land hand with control is a sketchy endeavor. I don't know if he mulliganed or not though.

10:30: Kibler has dropped at 5-3.

11: Round 9. Tom Thai vs Jose Holguin. Both 6-1-1. Battling for Top 8, it seems. Final round. Moo.

12:15: Brian Kibler is on GGSlive, talking. And I found this 'cause someone linked to it.


1AM: LSV versus Jeff Huang in top 8. LSV just lost by decking. RWU mirror. WOW. Amazing game. Honestly nuts. Jeff won thru Ajani blowing up his lands. Eep!

1:46: Ok, just saw the worst pair of plays by both players ever in a Top 8.

Eldrazi Elves (Eric Hopkins) vs Jund (Arthur Halavais). Game one: Elves attacks with an Ant Queen into blockers, getting it killed for no reason. Doesn't make an Ant token. Loses the game.
Game two: Jund player bolts a Stag as its attacking and gets blown out by a kicked Vines of Vastwood... Takes a ton of damage. :/

Hilarious Stuff on GGSlive. You can't get this stuff on match reports!

1:57: LSV won the previous match by the way and is in the semis. Forgot to mention.

2:07: Jund player, Arthur Halavais, wins vs Eldrazi Elves.

2:11: LSV vs Sherwin Pu with Jund. Spreading Seas was LSV's first play.

2:26: LSV wins 2-1... against a 17-year old Asian kid. Now the finals. LSV vs Arthur Halavais. Who'll take it? RWU or Jund?