Sunday, January 17, 2010

Solid article about Magic and Dating

I agreed with all of Joe's advice here.

It works the other way around, too, with genders switched. With my own boyfriend, I can't pressure him to play Magic, and I shouldn't try to. It doesn't make the game appealing if you try to force someone to play it. And I try to keep him separate from my Magic life even though it's unavoidable that he sees all my cards and knows I write articles about Magic. But I prefer having a boyfriend that doesn't play Magic, whereas many guys out there probably want a girl that does. I think the reason is I make things into competitions, being inherently very Spikey, and that is not what I want a relationship to be. So when we do stuff together, it's always on the same team.

Like playing XBox360 games with a coop mode. Things like that. It all comes down to knowing who your partner is. :) And doing right by them.