Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stories about MTG Girls and Chicks

Out of curiosity, I tried looking around the internet for stories about girl Magic players. I came upon one blog post that has some pure gold -- in particular, this comment:

"Any girl who doesn’t get all giddy about opening a new booster pack is just lacking. I’m a 20 something attractive female who enjoys a man with a big fat deck. Some men are intimidated by my big black goblin deck and the sexy way I tap it. She’s out there man. Flaunt your nerdiness and shower daily and you will go far."

The blog post is not so much about a girl Magic player but a guy who desperately wishes for a girlfriend that plays Magic. Read it! The comments especially! It is all so funny. I am going to be laughing about this one for ages. (I've always wanted to go to Singapore, too! Now I am more motivated to go! Haha.)

My response to the comment above: Does this mean EDH players are the best because they have the biggest decks? What if a deck had 250 cards? Or a thousand? How big is too big?

This story is about a girl from the Philippines who writes about the ways girls and boys are raised to be different, and how that affects the gender imbalance. It's pretty good and has a sweet ending.

Both stories are pretty old, so you may have seen them before. I just wanted to share in case you hadn't seen these.

If you know of more interesting stories like this, click the "Contact" button above and send them in! I'll put them up next time.

Edit: I found a Youtube video entitled "MTG girls" but it was obvious it had nothing to do with girls that played Magic the Gathering. I looked through the comments, and I found hilarious nuggets like this:

"ok that had nothing to do with mtg but i enjoyed it anyways"

"Then why the hell they wrote a title MTG Girls?
Rename it Fucking Hot Girls and i wont bitch
it's a mislead video and that is lame"

"...So what the hell was the "MTG" for???"


I am sooo amused right now. I wonder what they were all expecting.