Monday, January 4, 2010

Trials and Tribulations in Magic Workstations

I've found that people in MWS are the Cream of the Crop of society, showing us all that is good and right in the world. It is these folks who remind us why we play Magic, and also why we play games against anonymous people on the internet. I remember when I first playtested my Chandra/Sorin BFF deck (Sorin Markov sets to 10 life, Chandra Nalaar hits for 10, Time Warp lets her get there quickly, a match made in heaven!) the combo went off game one, to which my opponent replied that the sexuality of both myself and the combo was in question.

To illustrate a more recent example, read on!

I was playing a new 5 color landfall deck I've built (based around using Ob Nixilis, the Fallen, or Rampaging Baloths or whatever and then winning on the back of Clarion Ultimatum) against a guy playing UW mill. Early on in the game I played an Ob Nix, to which he responded with Path to Exile. I told him that he couldn't respond before I had priority, and he said whatever, so I played a land and sacced a Khalni Heart Expedition first, pinging him for 9 life. He said (he is Rav, I am Wicket):

<rav> lol...
<rav> guess ill let it through
Rav's life total is now 11 (-9)
<wicket> i checked this recently
<rav> cool story bro
<rav> My turn?

(if he had played intelligently, he would have responded to the saccing of the Khalni, but he was not doing so). But I was down half my library and fading, so it didn't seem to matter much.)

He kept control for most of the rest of the game, to the point where at about 20 cards left I had no more basics to fetch, and was also out of Mountains and Islands. Things were not looking good for the home team. I got another Ob Nix at some point and pinged him again down to 5, but he was still fine.

So with a Howling Mine and a Font of Mythos on his side, I start my turn with 6 cards left in the old library. And what do I topdeck but a Lotus Cobra next to a Banefire.

I cast, and he responds:

<rav> lol
<rav> i dont think so
<rav> you lose
<wicket> that was lucky
<rav> gg
<system> Player Lost
<wicket> um...

Silly pro players, all seeming to think you have to actually win the game to win a game. They should just declare victory and flee before anyone notices.