Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twitter + Old Funny MTG Videos

So for those of you into the whole Twitter thing, Mulldrifting has a new official Twitter page. Please follow it instead of @unrealeel. Thanks! Facebook USED to be the MTG social networking tool of choice, but it seems Twitter is a little more accessible. I'm sure all the Pros just text each other and leave everyone else out of the loop, but it's nice to have all the writers, the normal players, Wizards of the Coast, and big MTG sites like SCG all on the same page over there. It's a useful tool sometimes.

Make sure to check out for sharing decklists on Twitter. It's very handy. Brought to you by ManaNation.

In older news, expertvillage used to make YouTube videos on Magic the Gathering explaning how to play the game. Their resident expert on the game, Mike Lopez, made TONS of these videos. If you haven't seen any of these videos, you won't get the joke videos mocking them. So I will show you the one on Merfolk Looter.

These videos are kind of lamely funny in themselves, considering how much he stumbles on little details. In that video I think he said Merfolk Looter can't block because it's a 1/1. ??? The more you watch, the more painful it is.

Inevitably, someone had to make a parody of this guy. Here is one very amusing parody video made by "George Lopez." Some of the comments in these videos are also pretty laughable because they think he's being serious. He made two other videos in a similar vein, but I think this is his best one.