Friday, January 22, 2010

Worldwake Combos at a Glance

I like spoilers. They're fun. The best part is that they tend to spoil the weird cards more often than the boring ones, so we get to see how the mechanics work at their finest.

Today, I'm going to take some of my favorite cards from Worldwake spoiled so far and mention the cards that combo with them that come to mind. I've roughly ranked them in order of how hilarious they are or how well they can make combos (not on how good they are).

Honorable Mention: Admonition Angel - She's a little high costed to be really breakable, but I'm imagining her with Parallax Tide and maybe some New Frontiers to go along with it. Or maybe some sort of Realm Razer who gets sacced? Basically, you remove all their mana sources so they can't kill the Angel, then you deal with them slowly.

5. Amulet of Vigor - I can imagine several combos with this, but I mostly like it because it's a good card with a creative effect, not just "oh look it's a 2/1 for one mana awesome". Also, it's a great card to grab for casual players, because it easily makes most mana bases a lot less awkward (imagine if your Shards trip-lands came in untapped after turn 1). That having been said, this plus a Lotus Cobra with Bloodghast and Perilous Forays, followed by a (or really any Landfall killer like Hedron Crab or Ob Nixilis, the Fallen) [Note: I did not think of this one myself]. Also, throw it in with maybe Ashling's Prerogative + Stasis for a poor man's Stasis/Kismet deck? Perhaps play it in a blue deck with Leviathan cards that are otherwise terrible? I dunno, but my instincts tell me that someone will come up with a combo deck that quickly breaks this card. I mainly just want to see if anything can be done with Magosi, the Waterveil and this card.

4. Bazaar Trader - A whiles back I drafted RGD for the first time, and I opened up a Sky Swallower. Not a Simic Sky Swallower mind you, but a card that is significantly worse. I Pondered for a long time to try to figure a way to use this card (meanwhile it chilled out in my blue deck, where I would play it whenever I was able. I didn't often win these). Finally Lee turned me onto Summoner's Egg, a way to get my opponent to play the creature. And if I played it right, I could also play a second Sky Swallower to donate the egg itself, then kill the egg to steal all their permanents. This deck worked...well it didn't work great, but it was very fun to play (especially when I started putting other fatties in the deck to stop people from just killing the egg whenever they saw it, for fear of unleashing some horrible monstrosity). The problem came when I realized that Phage the Untouchable was almost in all ways a better creature to go under the egg. So Sky Swallower wasn't even the best card for the combo deck specifically built to maximize it. Whatever, I still like the card.
Where was I again? Oh right, Bazaar Trader. This card can do that. Maybe it would like some Bronze Bombshells too? Or maybe they'd rather have cards like Xathrid Demon or the like. Whatever, I like this guy, he's cool, he can hang out at my parties, I would pick him over a good card in a draft.

3. Selective Memory - I really like this card a lot. It reminds me of Doomsday a little bit, in that it can set you up for a combo easily. Also, it can be a little like a tutor for multiple cards. It's cool.
My first thought when I saw this card was Shelldock Isle. Imagine a deck that plays this on turn 4 (using turns 1-3 to tutor for both it and Shelldock Isle, or perhaps accelerating once to play this on turn 3). Then, next turn you play the isle (Maybe with an Amulet of Vigor to help out?) and with your now reduced deck you're almost guaranteed to throw a Progenitus, or a Searing Wind, or a Soulscour, or what have you. And not only are you more like to get those, but you have a library under 20 cards! Hooray! Maybe you'd like to keep some Time Stretches in there, maybe something that bounces the land again, whatever. You can also run Mosswort Bridge if you want, but this isn't as necessary as you should be winning if you have a Darksteel Colossus on top of a Soulscour coming out one after another.

2. Death's Shadow - a one drop 13/13? Yes please! But how to make him not terrible...I briefly looked around and made this list of cards that go well with him:

Form of the Dragon
Bond of Agony
Moonlight Bargain
Murderous Betrayal
Temporal Extortion
Magus of the Mirror

And here's a list of cards that go fabtaculously with him:
Soulgorger Orgg
Volcano Hellion
Spoils of the Vault
Lich/Lich's Tomb

One wonders if you somehow go below 0 life (say with Angel's Grace, or with one of the Lich's) whether this guy starts getting bigger.

1 - Abyssal Persecutor - As a Johnny, I must instantly love any card that says on it "You win the game". Thus it came as a shock to me that I could love so much a card that literally does the exact opposite. This guy is great beyond words. I know that it's much less of a Johnny card (I'm having trouble thinking of a synergy apart from Bazaar Trader), since it's just a good beater that you have to somehow have a way to get rid of at some point (preferably as the cost to a spell, so they couldn't respond. Anyways, given the opportunity I would like to draft around this guy, but unfortunately it goes ZZW not the other way around. Whatever, I still love him.

Anyways, that's me for now. I'm much too tired to write creatively, which is why you're getting this instead.

Hope you're all enjoying Worldwake spoilers, I'm going to sleep now.