Friday, January 1, 2010

Worldwake Spoiler Page

I needed a nice way to visually represent my Worldwake Spoilers! So here it is, my Worldwake Spoiler page complete with a couple artistic representations of my own making...

I'm a personal fan of Black Chicken of Doom. :P

Mulldrifting Worldwake Spoiler Page

Here are my personal Spoiler Creations. Hope they're eye-catching.

Important to note: Only the first one is complete and confirmed. Abyssal Scornlight is unconfirmed. Admonition Angel is missing mana cost.

Hopefully it's pretty obvious the art is fake. I hope.

EDIT: Working on a comprehensive Worldwake Page also. Let me know if I'm forgetting details...

All Worldwake Products will be listed on this page.

Should work on any screen size of width 1024 or greater. Viewing on an EEPC might be gross looking.