Thursday, January 14, 2010

[WWK] Starkington Post Previews // Plus some Exclusives

To enjoy all these cards at once in a visual spoiler, check out the Mulldrifting Plus Spoiler Page. Updating the rest of the pages slowly. :)

Check out these links to see the latest Worldwake updates:

Canopy Cover
Join the Ranks
Quest for the Nihil Stone
Wind Zendikon
Dread Statuary

These are 100% real by the way; the resolution is just not crystal clear.

This spoiler comes from and its a doozy:

Chain Reaction

This spoiler comes exclusively from ManaNation:

Kor Firewalker

This is Admonition Angel, the real card image, from ChannelFireball. It has the same image as one of the Worldwake Playmats:

Admonition Angel

This spoiler comes exclusively from StarCityGames:

Dragonmaster Outcast

This spoiler comes from Evan Erwin's The Magic Show (go watch it here!)

Kalastria Highborn

This spoiler comes from MTGCast

Bestial Menace