Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eating My Words So Soon? Not Really

Some results from a Standard Event, Collector's Cache Worldwake Case Tournament. (Stolen from

Oh wait, only 38 participants? Hmmm. (Some of the decklists look suspiciously suboptimal as well.) Take a look anyway. What did I tell you about there being a ton of Vampires on the ground floor?

It looks like the #4 decklist somehow managed to fit in Pulse, BBE, and Baneslayer all into a deck without Ancient Zigs. It's probably the only new-ish decklist on there, but doesn't have any real adds from Worldwake other than manlands. I would probably take Wall of Reverence out for Rampant Growths, but I just can't imagine getting that lucky on mana with this deck.

Again, the first place Vampires list here looks more or less what I would expect. Except it's running only 2 Hexmages. I think it's acceptable to leave Hexmages in the sideboard for particular decks against which they're good.

A real Jund list only has one appearance here in the Top 8. Is this a good sign or just a weird anomaly?

Not much to read from this Top 8, but Standard is pretty dry of results/articles. Everyone is still hung over from GP Oakland. The waiting is killing me! :0