Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mystic WW

A new 1st place W/g decklist found on Magic League features Stoneforge Mystic and 5 Equipment spells.

Check it out here. Deck by Comodope.

It's a highly meta-dependent decklist that fairs best against red or black decks, as its maindeck features 4 copies each of protection bears like Kor Firewalker and White Knight.

It splashes green for exactly 2 Behemoth Sledges -- but the 4 GW manlands, Stirring Wildwood, gives it even more threat density without taking spell slots, providing a lategame threat that can be paired with the equipment.

The decklist is odd in some ways, but if you break down what it's trying to do, you can justify all of Comodope's choices.

  • All of the deck's creature drops are 1 or 2 cmc, but its starts aren't particularly fast. Instead of using Steppe Lynx as a 1-drop, it sticks with Elite Vanguard, which consistently has 2 power, making it more effective on defense as well as offense. With a Basilisk Collar, it can trade with almost anything. Sticking the Collar on a 0 power creature would be pretty sad.
  • Kor Skyfisher has a lot of synergy with the deck. The primary one I see is bouncing Sigil of Distinction. Early in the game, you have no need to hold the Sigil in your hand since you know you can replay it for more value later on. You can also bounce your Stoneforge Mystic to retrieve more equipment. Or your KotWO to accelerate and thin your deck. 
  • Having 4 copies of Elspeth seems like a lot, but it fits in with the deck's plan very well. It enhances all of your puny bears into hard-hitting fliers. It also stocks your side of the board with threats that can hold equipment well. 
  • Kor Firewalker seems like the MVP against decks like Jund and possibly even control decks using Lightning Bolt or Earthquake
  • Against Control decks using the Wall strategy, it's pretty imperative to get a Collar on one of your dudes. At which point you can start bashing away. 
  • Against Jund, the pro bears should keep removal mostly useless. You still have to be wary of Blightning blowouts. Post-board, Malakir Bloodwitch may prove to be somewhat problematic. 
The deck certainly has its weaknesses -- it seems much less effective against other white decks or decks running Malakir Bloodwitch like Vampires. But in a certain meta it seems like it could be a very smart choice. 

I would like to see a different sideboard, though. Or see variations with Ranger of Eos. With the green, one could potentially try Slingbow Trap as a sideboard answer to Malakir. One could also try to make the deck faster by using Steppe Lynx and an array of fetchlands. 

Having one or two Sejiri Steppes might also help push through damage later in the game.