Friday, February 12, 2010

New Poll - Magic and Dating

How would you approach someone you're interested in about your MtG Hobby?

A) Not mention it until they notice
B) Magic is how I FIND dates
C) I'll tell them but after we've started dating
D) I'll bring it up in conversation pretty early
E) They can never know

Vote in the poll on the right hand side.

There are some things about this poll that makes some blatant assumptions; for one, it assumes you are actively seeking a date. Or at the very least, will take an opportunity when it arises. When it does, how high of a priority is it to mention Magic or let them know you play this game? And how do you think it affects your chances of securing a date? These are the two primary questions being asked in the poll. Applies to both men and women, gay, straight, or bi. If you're not seeking a date because you already have one, you can vote according to how you approached the subject with your current date.

Is there an approach I missed?

Is this question totally banal? :) Don't answer that!