Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Question for the Ladies (Update)

Or whoever. Point out if you are a lady though.

Is the term "manland" sexist? Is a better alternative "creature land"?

For one side's perspective, read this article by Bill Stark.

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My opinion has been stated after the jump. Might surprise you...?

I don't think people should switch the term manland to creatureland. But more importantly, I don't think people should be making an issue out of it.

It trivializes sexism to call this issue sexist.

Sexism will change when people's mindsets change. But calling a manland a manland does not, in any way, stem from some assumption or idea that men are superior to women. Or that women are objects. (The reason is pretty elaborate. But I think the main reason is that manlands can't be sexualized. They simply don't have genders and aren't associated with a gender. They're more like objects or things, and the most appropriate pronoun to use when referring to one would be "it" - not he or she.)

It is making a mountain out of a molehill. It is drawing attention away from graver issues. It is giving people the impression that females and feminists are sensitive to even the slightest phrasing or wording. Or that you're a bad person for even using a term like manland. There is nothing wrong with the term or you for using it. Women do not (probably) feel inwardly oppressed by the word. It is not enforcing bad behavior, bad thoughts, or bad stereotypes.

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