Friday, February 19, 2010

PT San Diego Highlights

Bill Stark will be posting videos of the Pro Tour. Here's the first one for your enjoyment. The rest will probably go up on his site. Check it out. It's a real look into what it's like to be at the Pro Tour... but also a fair warning to those who would pester Pros with annoying questions. :) (Treat people as you would want to be treated. Pros are people, too. Most of the time.)


  • Stoneforge Mystics are making a showing at the Pro Tour - getting Basilisk Collar, Sigil of Distinction, and Behemoth Sledge (it's the Wg Mystic list I posted a while ago)
  • Zvi's Mythic list is Bant with Bant Charm, Flashfreeze, Admonition Angel, Rampaging Baloths, Baneslayer Angel, Lotus Cobra, Noble Hierarch, Jace 1.0, etc. (His decklist is in the hands of multiple players, including Alan Comers and Sam Black.)
  • LSV is playing Tom "the Boss" Ross Naya with Ajani Vengeant (it looks like Conley Woods and Ochoa are in the same boat) -- with Collar and Behemoth Sledge
  • Olivier Ruel seems like he's playing Jacerator
  • Coimbra is piloting another Flores creation. Sounds like it has Baneslayers.
  • The Japanese are going with Jund (as far as I can tell)
  • Antti Malin is running mono-white tokens (With blue, apparently)
  • Cedric Phillips departed from Vampires - running monowhite!
  • Wafo-Tapa is running new Jaces. (I assume Chapin is as well!) 
  • The question is: What is Brian Kibler running? He hints at running a very powerful planeswalker. Is it Nicol Bolas? Or is it Ajani Vengeant? Or is it Jace 2.0?
  • Nassif is running Cancels
  • Tom Ross's Naya deck has a land denial plan with Tectonic Edge and Ajani Vengeant coupled with strong four-drop card advantage engines in Ranger of Eos and Bloodbraid Elf; his sideboard has Cunning Sparkmages to go with his Basilisk Collar.
STANDINGS (check MTG homepage for complete info)
  • Brian Kibler lost to two Summoning Trap decks with Iona (he's 2-2 so far)
  • LSV is 4-0 so far - Tom Ross and PV are running the same Ross Naya and undefeated
  • Coimbra is down (0-3) 
  • Chapin is 3-0-1
  • Sam Black > Antti Malin (Sam Black is 4-0)

A surprising number of players are NOT running Jund at all. They seem to have gone in favor of midrange decks like Naya or Bant or tokens. !!! Where are the Jaces? Well, I figure Chapin is definitely running them.


  • Mono red will make one Top 8 appearance
  • At least one Jacerator will go better than X-2
  • Jund will take up at least 3 Top 8 spots
  • Vampires will not make Top 8 
  • There will be 20+ manlands in Top 8 (although Ken Nagle's prediction of 30 is too high)
  • Stoneforge Mystic is going to go up to $3+
  • Basilisk Collar is going to go up to $4-5
  • This is a stretch but: one combo deck will make Top 8.
What are your predictions?