Thursday, March 11, 2010

Article on ManaNation and The Zvi Is Pretty Awesome

So, I spent Tuesday playtesting with Zvi Mowshowitz, who has his own Wikipedia Page. (I'm curious as to how many Magic players can say that.) And it was good times overall.

Here's the article I wrote, which is mainly about the strategy from the Jund perspective against a player playing the Mythic deck. (Since I'm sure he'll provide the opposite perspective better than I can. His article will likely be on SCG Premium, which I'm looking forward to reading.)

The rest of this article is not about Magic. Just a heads up.

Besides just playing games of Magic, Zvi answered all my nosy questions, which is even more awesome. I appreciate it when people are open and honest about themselves - kind of a rare quality, particularly among some Magic Pros. (One day I'd really like to see someone write real and honest Profiles of big Magic names. Maybe Zvi could be one.) Then we had lunch at Rub BBQ, which I had never been to before. Their BBQ sauce was very good - spicy and flavorful. Afterwards, we went on a cupcake run. I'd never actually tried NY cupcakes, which apparently are some kind of "big deal" here. I don't remember the name of the shop we went to but apparently they do Red Velvet Cupcakes pretty well. I tried one. It was decadent.

I think more than one would have flat-out killed me. But it was good, and now I'm probably going to be tempted by the thought of cupcakes every once in a while. (Although I think, as simple as I am, I just crave cookies and/or ice cream most of the time. I like sugar.)

One more thing about Zvi, he published a book of his writings and articles and stuff in a book called My Files. Which I think is a play on the name of a deck he designed, called My Fires. (And so Mythic is really My Thic.) I haven't purchased a copy yet, but I probably will at some point.

He also told me about a game he would be playing later that day, called Nomic. It seemed very interesting. I know a lot of you might enjoy trying it out. You should grab a group of sharp friends and try it. Although I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the rules first.