Thursday, March 4, 2010

Post Pro Tour Price Lists

It's probably a good time to check in on card prices now that Pro Tour San Diego is over. There weren't really any major breakthrough lists, but Zvi's Mythic Bant list and the Naya Boss list seem to be taking a major toll on Conflux card prices. Vampire cards also remain in high demand.

All card prices were found through and I'll be noting prices that have changed notably since the last time I checked. Card prices on these sites go through interested trends because all the stores competing with one another tend to run out of supply at around the same time when demand gets really high. When they stock up again, the prices start to lower.


All the Worldwake rares have gone down because of, presumably, a sudden increase in supply. Even though Worldwake isn't getting a lot of packs opened through draft, all the prizes given out at events are Worldwake packs. I found myself with way too many Worldwake packs myself after the last two weekends. Dealers and retailers are also opening a lot of Worldwake to find those Jaces.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor $47. Still ridiculously expensive and in low supply. I am still hoping the prices go down, but it might take a couple more months.
Abyssal Persecutor $20. This price seems pretty stable for Percy. It might even go down a little more since nothing big made it to the Pro Tour with this guy.
Eye of Ugin $14. Wait, REALLY? Lolololol. This price spike is not because of the Pro Tour, more because of the new spoiler. Sell your Eyes now because they're not going much higher than this probably.
Stoneforge Mystic $7. The real breakout rare of the Pro Tour. $7 still seems a little high to me. I suspect it will settle at $5-6 in a couple months.
Basilisk Collar $6. Reasonable.
All manlands <$5. The manlands certainly didn't stay that high for long did they? And some predicted they would reach double digits. Their frequency in the set is keeping supplies high, prices low.


These prices have basically settled. Fetchlands are still $10. Sorin is $9, and Nissa is $8 - so maybe a dollar lower than in previous months. Bloodghast remains high at $6. Malakir went back up to $3. But other than that, nothing to see.

MAGIC 2010

Baneslayer $45.
Vampire Nocturnus $18. Wow, didn't this guy used to cost less than $10? Anyway, in the past month alone this guy jumped $5 at least. Even though he was a Prerelease card, it seems that wasn't enough to keep his price low forever.
Master of the Wild Hunt $9. I wish this guy had been a rare...
Dragonskull Summit $8. The most expensive of the M10 duals.
Glacial Fortress $7. 
Other M10 duals $5-7. 
Garruk $8.
Jace $7.
Goldmane $7.
Liliana $4. 


Some of the Conflux rares have really jumped in the price since the last month or so. Until Conflux rotates out of Standard, I can't see Noble Hierarch or Knight of the Reliquary really dropping a whole lot in price.

Noble Hierarch $17-18. It's about $5 higher than the last time I checked.
Progenitus $13. 
Knight of the Reliquary $11. About $3 higher. Seems like it can only go higher.
Path to Exile $6. The most expensive uncommon in T2.


A couple cards are a bit more, but nothing too radical changed.

Elspeth $35.
Tezzeret $11.
Ajani Vengeant $10.
Ranger of Eos $9. 

You can get these cards more cheaply if you are clever and buy them from eBay. Happy shopping.