Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spoiler News [Rise of the Eldrazi]

The spoilers are coming pretty quickly. I must say.

For the fastest spoiler information, I recommend checking on MTGSalvation's Rumor Boards.

For the best organized, best formatted spoilers, I highly recommend ManaNation's spoiler page - it is sooo cool.  I wasn't even paid to say so. I just think it's the best one, has the most functionality, and the most information.

It's hard to say how the Constructed formats will warp because of Rise of the Eldrazi, but I'm pretty sure it will change things up. For better or for worse. I say this because it's simply logical - the card pool for Standard is fairly small (at least it feels that way to me), so the addition of any new set is going to affect a large percentage of the available cards. Since ROE is also a large set, there is greater chance it will have a greater impact on Standard. Although it heavily depends on the overall quality of the set, too.

Even if none of the mechanics look that promising, every set has its constructed goodies. Even if it's just a killer removal spell. But already people are buzzing about cards like Overgrown Battlement, Realms Uncharted, and Sarkhan the Mad.

Personally I think Level Up is a lot better than people are making it out to be. But then again, people have such a hard time evaluating cards like this. These cards have to be evaluated on multiple levels, as it were. I really enjoyed Jon Loucks' evaluation of Level Up, and I highly recommend reading it.