Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Full Visual Spoiler for Rise of the Eldrazi

Wizards has posted the entire visual spoiler (official) for Rise of the Eldrazi.

So feast your eyes on the entire set!

As many people had noticed, WotC has used different tactics for this spoiler season. It started out a little underwhelming (for many, not all) and slowly built up until the midway, where it climaxed. They revealed the best levelers, as well as Vengevine and exciting utility spells, as well as the most-talked-about card in the set: Wall of Omens. After that, the spoilers started pouring out, most of which was limited fodder.

I think they also posted a full visual spoiler days before the Prerelease for Zendikar as well. So this is not a new move on Wizards' part. But it is very nice to have an official, visual spoiler days before the Prerelease.