Friday, April 16, 2010

My Current Mythic Sideboard - Thoughts?

Nothing too crazy in here. And there's barely anything for Jund in there, but my Sphinxes and Thornlings are maindeck (2 and 2). I could add Elspeths or 1-2 Negates from the side possibly in favor of Finest Hours. I could shave off Baneslayers also - which sounds dumb but Jund runs way too many efficient answers for it after sideboard. I can't really drop a Baneslayer without getting it killed more often than not.

5 Answers to the Sparkmage combo - Bant Charms and Needles

For UW, I have Ascension, which I hear is quite incredible against them. And if I have any room at all, I can add Negates and maybe Jace. Rafiq is better than Elspeth against UW.

Against fog-type decks, I have a number of options, probably just Negates and Bant Charms. Ascension is not an option against them.

Against red decks, ... which I always kind of ignore, I have Negates and Bant Charms again. In favor of my high-end. I probably don't take out Rafiqs or Finest Hours against them. Esp if it lets me gain more life.

As for Bloodwitch, as annoying as she is - I have to kind of rely on Sphinx or Thornling to get me there. Jace as additional support perhaps. I am not a fan of Mind Control as a catch-all answer to creatures. Maybe there are better answers I'm not thinking of.

What decks am I not considering? What am I weak to? Any sideboard cards I haven't thought of?