Friday, April 30, 2010

NY Mock Tournament - Preparation for PTQ Weekend

So on Twitter I mentioned we were having a Mock Tournament for NY people. (Us New York MTGers have to stick together.) But New York countered and bit us on the ass. We got kicked out of the deli we were hosting the tourney at (which we had been regularly using as a playtesting hangout). Apparently gathering 25 people to play all at once was too much for them to handle (despite the fact there were plenty of open tables, and we'd all bought food).

Anyway, that's New York City for you. Can't give us card-slingers a break. 

The tournament got in one and a half rounds before we had to call it quits. And I missed the first round because I was coming from work and had to be late. (I got a bye.) BDM was organizing, and Michael J Flores was present. As well as some regulars from JHU. I was excited. But, oh well, it wasn't entirely unforeseeable that something would go wrong. 

Having the tournament cut off in the middle like that actually made me just more motivated to play Standard and test more. So there is a bright side. Additionally, we got a podcast out of it. And at least some cursory data as to what the upcoming PTQ might look like.

Hang tight because there will be a new Top 8 Podcast featuring BDM, Flores, myself, Sean McKeown, and Morgan Chang. Podcasting was great; even better, we went out for Japanese curry beforehand, and it was delicious. I recommend it if you're in NYC >>>Go Go Gurry. I'll post a link to the cast when it goes live.