Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nerd Girl Love

Just to clarify, I think people are misunderstanding my hope. 

I know that realistically it is not possible to have a 50:50 ratio of female to male Magic players. My goal is merely to improve the current ratio, which right now is possibly as bad as 1:1000. (Surely WotC knows the exact statistic? I sure don't!)

I think Magic is actually a game many girls would love - I know girls that love Starcraft, Bridge, poker, Halo, D&D, and World of Warcraft. I know girls that own. I know girls that game obsessively. (Not that that is a good thing, but guys aren't the only one to lose sleep over a game!) 

I went to an all girls' high school. During lunch, I saw girls (frosh) playing Magic in the computer lab during breaks. At the time I had no real idea what Magic was (I started in college). But I saw them, and they were definitely playing Magic. No boys around. 

I wouldn't be surprised if a few all girls' high schools had their own MTG Clubs. 

So yeah, Magic always will be male-dominated, and maybe you have to be a little nerdy to play Magic, but in the end, I think we're moving toward a culture where nerds are cool. And nerdy things are cool. And nerd girls are definitely cool. <3 And if you haven't noticed, Magic is a helluva fun game. It's just fun! If someone sees fun things going on, she's going to ask about it! As long as you don't say, "You're a girl - you can't play." or "You probably wouldn't like it." or "This game is pretty hard, are you sure?" or "Mehhh I don't feel like explaining it." Maybe she would actually say, I'd like to join. Maybe there'd be more girls playing Magic right NOW.

Maybe you don't know any such girls. Maybe you are looking in the wrong places. Maybe you aren't even looking. But trust me, they're out there. Waiting to discover Magic and hop onto that wagon like nobody's business.