Thursday, May 13, 2010

Note about Regionals and the New Jund

Have you seen the Wrapter Jund list? I think it's pretty awesome. (Search for Geopede Jund.)

If I were going to Regionals, I would play that list. Maybe not exactly that list. But fairly close.

I'm very curious indeed to know how many people will wield the Wrapter list for Regionals. But I'm willing to bet it does pretty well for whosoever chooses to use it.

I'm further willing to bet that Jund in all its flavors will come out on top as the winningest deck this coming Saturday and will take more people to Nationals than any other archetype. Why do I say that? I think rumors of Jund's death have been greatly exaggerated. And there's something to be said about a deck that costs about $600 LESS than the next best decks in Standard.

This Jund list in particular is hella cheap. So I would just go for it. Buy it. Win a spot at Nationals. Nice Spreading Seas. Nice Wall of Omens. Nice Blightning. I'll discard my Sedraxis Specter?

Can the deck beat Mythic? And UWR Walkers? So far the answer seems to be Yes, as long as your post-board plan is good. Jund's post-board has always been good. And this deck is no exception to that rule. I only question some of the card choices and would try to fiddle with the curve some more before finalizing, as well as the sideboard.

The deck is tons of fun, though. Try it out. The sideboard Specters in particular are good times.

Here are some numbers from my testing. Again, don't take them as an end-all. There is always a lot of variation unaccounted for in these small playtesting sessions and suboptimal sideboarding.

Wrapter Jund vs Mythic
preboard: 0-2
postboard: 6-2
Wrapter Jund vs Conscription Mythic
postboard: 3-2
Wrapter Jund vs UWR Control
preboard: 3-3
postboard: 3-0

None of the sideboards seemed all that impressive against this version of Jund, although Conscription Mythic did have access to 4 Firewalkers which is better than what the others had.

It's possible Spreading Seas is just suboptimal in this matchup postboard. He can use the Island to cast Specters. Alternatively, just has lots of fetches. I would feel fine boarding out at least 2 Seas. Wall of Denials seem absolutely necessary here post-board and would improve the matchup.

All the lists we played with were slightly different/modified from "known" versions. I think it's safe to say the modifications to the Jund list in particular altered games. However they were not my alterations, so I'm not at liberty to say what they were. I'm just letting you know that these numbers were not obtained from Wrapter's exact 75. Even so, the major innovations were there - Geopedes, Specters in the SB. The mana stayed in tact.