Friday, June 25, 2010

M11 Spoilers!

Oooo an M11 spoiler? What could it be...? Click here to see!

Yeah, good to know that's coming back for M11. Yayyy Fiery Hellhound. (136/249)

Now, on to the real stuff --> click the blocks of bold text to see two more!

Come see your life in my crystal glass––
Twenty-five cents is all you pay.
Let me look into your past––
Here’s what you had for lunch today:
Tuna salad and mashed potatoes,
Green pea soup and apple juice,
Collard greens and stewed tomatoes,
Chocolate milk and lemon mousse.
You admit I’ve told it all?
Well, I know it, I confess,
Not by looking in my ball,
But just by looking at your dress.

Which poem by Shel Silverstein is this...? 


This last one is a rare. It's green and clearly knows the enemy is black. It'll make your opponent go, "Oh crap."

How fearlessly will you Blightning your opponent now? Green gets all the freebies against discard! (188/249)

I will be going through M11 in more depth as more spoilers arrive and will discuss the set's potential for both Standard and Extended! For now, though, let's just enjoy the new cards!