Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Notes while Playtesting or at Events

I'm collecting some data, mostly anecdotal, I suppose, on Magic players and their note-taking habits. If you actively playtest or play in tournaments, do you always have paper and pen? What do you find worth keeping track of?

Do you take more notes during playtesting or at tournaments?

Would you take more notes if you had special forms/paper that helped you remember to write down things?

I'm currently working on a simple document for such a purpose that, if people want, I will make downloadable so you can print them out and use them. But I need more information on what people think is important to write down first.

Discuss and respond in our new forums! Which I started for just such a purpose. (To get people to talk about things amongst each other, and not just at me.) No registration is required, but you will need to connect to an account of some sort (Twitter is recommended).