Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Travis Woo Video Blogs

I like Travis Woo. That might explain why I like his video blogs. He uses a self-reflective approach to Magic, which is my favored way to approach this game. I know people approach the game in different ways, but I honestly find Woo's method to be the best. He's been open enough to share his thoughts with the world on YouTube, and I admire his bravery and his openness. His lack of arrogance/self-assuredness is pretty refreshing, too. I find that quality to be rare in a Magic player. It doesn't hurt that his stories are genuinely kind of interesting, and he is actually a good player.

In his recent video blog, he discusses his process of finding a deck for San Juan, and he discusses the deck tech he did with BDM. He learns an important lesson when watching Zvi's deck tech and why Zvi was able to succeed where he did not. (But Zvi's a genius, so it's hard to blame anyone for not doing exactly what Zvi did in his approach to Block Constructed.)

This question of deck-building philosophy is definitely an interesting one, though, and one that deserves a closer look... possibly content for a future article! Or, further subject matter for that Great Debate I so want to see happen.