Wednesday, June 2, 2010

UW with AIDS! A Flores Design

This deck... it's full of AIDs.

I really like the latest UW from Flores which runs All Is Dust (because I love this card) and a few Eldrazi to spice things up. Assuming the manabase can actually handle 4 colorless lands and 2 lands that don't even produce mana (I wonder if the Eye of Ugin are even really necessary? I suppose getting to 11 needs the extra lift), the way the deck plays out seems very excellent.

You just play a bunch of can trips until you reach magical numbers where you're casting Cruel-Ultimatum-like effects. Who doesn't like a Cruel Ultimatum.

Why is AIDS better than Martial Coup? Admittedly Martial Coup outright wins you the game sometimes, and it's fabulous against creature decks. But against opposing planeswalkers, opposing Oblivion Rings, opposing Jaces, well, you need your sweeper to be a little stronger.

Also it makes Dauntless Escort cry like a baby. (Not that we should be running those suckers anymore in Mythic... am i rite? I hope I'm right.)

This Flores deck is ahead of the curve. I think the metagame hasn't even fully reached the place where this deck will dominate, but it could certainly dominate right now - considering how prevalent UW is. And this looks like it could very well beat Jund, depending on the Jund deck. But Jund typically hates things like Sphinx of Lost Truths and Spreading Seas, so I think this UW will get there against Jund also.

I would definitely pass this deck around and throw it under the gauntlet. We'll see what happens this weekend in Philly and Sendai, won't we?