Thursday, July 8, 2010

M11 Magic Workstation Patch

Magic 2011 is fully spoiled! For a full text spoiler, the people at MTG Salvation always provide.

You can use it to update your MWS bases.

Patching Directions:
1. Get a Back-Up Master Base.
2. Put MWS in Deck Edit Mode.
3a. Click on the Library (Top Panel or Left Panel), save.
3b. Analyze/Add/Remove Sets
4. Add Magic 2011 with key M11.
5. This should say added (some number of) cards.
6. Click a card in the left hand column (top), from the library, then go to File, Save Deck/Library.
7. Here it still wont work and gives the error. So close MWS, then reopen it. This seems to do the trick for me. Sorry if this is patronizing but it's all I did.

Download the file here.