Tuesday, August 31, 2010

StarCityGames Debut

Hello loyal followers to Mulldrifting,

I am deeply sorry how bad I have been with updates recently, but it will pick up soon. Seriously! (Espeeecially when Scars starts to spoil. Which I am super duper excited about!) I'm also thinking I might do a podcast (mostly because it sounds like fun). But I'm still on the fence about what it should be about (suggestions?).

Meanwhile, for your Mulldrifting fix, please check out the StarCityGames homepage every once in a while - I will have articles posted up every Tuesday. Here's the first one. (Not going to keep linking to these here. But in the sidebar I will have a link to all my column articles.)

Evan Erwin approached me for an opportunity to write for SCG, and I accepted! But he didn't specify a topic or anything! Guess I'll just have to talk about my favorite subject ever: me!

And of course, Magic strategy and the community and stuff you care about.