Friday, October 8, 2010

MTG Buzz #2

I spend a lot of time reading these days as you can imagine. I don't have much time for material, but occasionally, I bother to read through an article from another site. I want to highlight a few of these.

Gerry Thompson has a new blog. I don't think I need to say much more than that. Read his two draft reports and bookmark that shit.

AJ Sacher wrote an article that had basically zero Magic content, and it was awesome. Read "Love, Beauty, and Magic."

Magic personalities tend to open themselves up to a lot of hate. The Magic community, as much as I love it, is full of vitriol and spite - completely unwarranted. It's a weird phenomenon that I've been having trouble understanding. It's as though they forget what it means to treat one another as human beings. All celebrities have this issue - being a celebrity somehow makes you simultaneously above and below human. You're either treated as a god or as dirt. 

But, the solution isn't to change that. There will always be hate. That's just the nature of how things are. 

The solution is to merely accept that there will always be hate, and let it roll off of you like so much water off a duck's back. Every person who bothers to go online, bash people they don't know, and then log off only has the luxury of doing so if he or she is completely irrelevant. These people will never amount to anything in our world. 

Except when they do, and that's probably the worst of all. Craig Wescoe serves as the prime example here. Don't let what happened to him happen to you. 

Fortunately, he's still rolling with the punches and has found new footing on I met up with him in New York this past weekend, and he was having a lot of success with the deck he brought with him, Girl Scouts. He chose the name because of Sylvan Ranger and Copperhorn Scout, who are both Scouts and female. More amusing when taking into account Patrick Chapin's set review where he talked about his favorite Girl Scout cookies instead of Copperhorn Scout. (My favorite is Samoas.) Read "When Girl Scouts Attack."

I love Rich Hagon. I love listening to his podcasts. He brings a dimension to coverage that just doesn't exist without him. I'm 100% serious when I say that, and I think we need more like him. But as much as I like him for coverage, I'm totally in support of his new endeavors. Read "Magic that Matters."

Travis Woo doesn't get enough love. He's one of ChannelFireball's best writers, and he only has four articles up, so I'm just going to link to his archive. Read Travis Woo.

Last but not least, I'm going to plug my second favorite podcast on the web, The Eh Team. Why second favorite? Because Top8Games has to take my first place spot. But unfortunately, they barely podcast. So The Eh Team is definitely my favorite weekly podcast. And KYT works way too hard for his own good on it, so you should listen. (Mature audiences only.) Listen to The Eh Team Episode 8.