Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Friday At Work

Friday morning I put on one of my "AMAZING BABY" shirts thinking it would just be another day at the office. (My mom sent me these shirts, and they all say "AMAZING BABY" on them… Don't ask me why.)

I woke up, walked outside, and felt more awake and more motivated than usual. The weather was recovering from an overnight thunderstorm, and the cement was still moist, but it was going to be a gorgeous spring day (high 70s).

I hitched a ride to work with BBD. I always hitch a ride because I don't drive and don't have a car. You'd think this would cause all kinds of problems, but I've managed thus far. I remain surprised that more people at work don't carpool to save gas, as many of us live in the same general area.

Fridays are kind of my days to get random shit done.

I got the final pieces of the Premium Newsletter together. I argued with Ray, our graphic designer, on the arrangement of the tweets in the My Pack, Your Pick segment. You can see the newsletter in your inboxes if you have Premium.

I updated some spreadsheets, scheduled out more of May's content (woo Dragon's Maze!), and messed around with the film schedule for the coming weeks.

I asked Reuben to upload the latest spoiler to the Facebook album. Then later, Reuben showed me a fun webcomic. You should check it out. He also showed me a script for a random video idea. He had to explain it to me because I'd never seen the thing he was parodying. He sent me a YouTube video to show me. Once I got it, I thought it was funny. I made a suggestion on how to animate it. (I hoped it was doable because it would make it so much more awesome.)

Some people had commented that they really wanted to see a Gerry vs. Tom in Legacy (the ultimate grudge match!). While Tom can't film a Versus in person, since he lives far away, I asked Tom and Gerry about doing something like it on MTGO. Tom's response amused me, "I'm fine with letting Gerry crush me on camera if he's interested."

I took care of some random accounting stuff that Evan asked me to do.

I read the joint article by Matt Sperling and Paul Rietzl. I thought it was very good. They have great chemistry, and it showed. I brainstormed ideas on how to do something similar with the Limited set review for Dragon's Maze, which led to another thought that maybe it should be a podcast instead.

I was running into a problem with the Limited set review for this set because the Draft format is three different sets, and it would be very hard to evaluate it without playing a lot of it first. I sent Ari Lax my concerns to try to figure it out. I remembered from the Magic panel at PAX East that they wanted this format to be a three-color and not a two-color format (which makes sense because otherwise one of your packs won't have gold cards you can use). Ari's usual breakdown would be near-impossible to do without being too convoluted.

I started reviewing and giving feedback on articles that I had been sent. I'd been receiving more and more submissions as the months had gone by, and they were starting to pile up a little. I pondered on how to streamline the process and make it more efficient.

Liz sent me some words to copy-edit  which I did. I noticed something missing from the website, and I pinged someone until I got a satisfactory response. I sent Pete some stats.

(All of these things are not remotely in chronological order, by the way.)

I got lunch around 2:20 PM, which was a change of pace—not because of the timing but because I was getting it at all. In the past couple weeks, I was getting into the bad habit of skipping lunch. I would either get too absorbed in work until it was too late, or I just didn't feel I had the time. But I got lunch this time (KFC).

There aren't many great options for lunch around here, so maybe that's part of the problem.

I composed some more emails.

I was about to send one, when Evan messaged me for a quick meeting. It was near the end of the day. I brought my notepad in, in case I needed to take anything down. I would not need it.

"I'm letting you go."

The subsequent words were mostly irrelevant. I listened to them, but then they floated away.

And all my words became past tense.

My time at SCG was an amazing learning experience, and while it was never my intention to stay there for very long, it was sadly cut short. I felt I had more things to do before heading out, and I really wanted to train my next-in-line personally, but it wasn't meant to be.

It was one of the most interesting jobs I've ever had, which probably doesn't sound like I'm saying much because I'm 25, and I haven't had many jobs to begin with.

But believe me when I say it. There is no other job like it.

Here is where I say that there is no ill will on either side, and honestly, I'm really thankful for the opportunity I had to work at the company. They do incredibly positive things for the community, and if I may say so, they have the best Magic content on the web ;) Working there was great. I'll never dissuade you from doing so because if you want to work in Magic, it's one of the best places to be.

For myself however, the correct path is to simply move forward.

So that's what I'm doing.

The words move from past tense into the present, into the future.

Here's what I want from you.

Keep an eye on this blog. I'm going to be writing a lot now that I have the time. The words inside me have been patient, but the dam is creaking.

Do you have questions for me? About my position? About Magic writing? About the Magic community in general? About being a woman? About being a feminist? I cannot speak of things specific to the company, but I can share my philosophies, reflections, and advice.

Please leave your comments below, or feel free to message me on Facebook or Gmail me (unrealeel). I appreciate your words, as I always have.